A page for my creative work.
Ideas, progress & finished pieces.

Quick costume concept drawing in pen, copic marker and acrylicIt’s inspired by rats, and Venice

Paper costume based on the crane character from the Japanese story designs I posted last month. 
A couple of photos of the progress, and theatrical shots of the costume being worn (Photos by Isabella Andronos and Michael Scott-Mitchell).
The design is based around the idea of raising the shoulder height of the wearer using a frame structure, so that the bird’s head appears convincing while the wearer’s own head and shoulders are obscured in the collar and chest feathers.

Costume designs and rough concept art for my adaptation of the Japanese tale ‘The Dream of Akinosuke’. It’s the story of a man who falls asleep while drinking with friends and has a strange adventure in a dream. He finds himself in the lavish palace of a fantastical kingdom, marries a princess, and lives in that world for many happy years, before he wakes to find that no time has passed at all…

Anonymous said: Just wanted to say that your work is awesome!! ^_^

Thank you, Anon!
I still have a long way to go, so I hope you can continue to enjoy my work :)

Set design model for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, and some lighting ideas.
This goes with the costume illustrations I uploaded yesterday, and is similarly in a 40s melodrama/film noir inspired style.

Costume designs for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.
Acrylic and pen on paper.
I based this project on 1940s cinema, particularly romantic melodrama and film noir, so all of the costumes are in grayscale as is the set, which I will upload soon.

Wool tweed capelet with faux fur collar, lined, ties at neck. A gift for a friend.

A custom headpiece I made for a friend, to go with her Innocent World ‘Antique Pansy’ dress.
It is three kinds of velvet pansies on a curved sinamay base (I have added some colour tints with inks the smallest pansies, to bring out various colours in the dress print), with peach ivory satin ribbon layered with mint lace. I also applied the lace to the leaves of the pansies, to tone the greens down in order to better match the dress.

Ever since Araki Hirohiko (author/artist - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) did that fantatsic collaboration with Gucci I’ve been wanting to do an editorial shoot inspired by his graphic and colorful art style. Whether I will end up having the time or resources to do this remains to be seen, but I think it would be so fantastic! These are just a handful of the images I’ve been collecting as inspiration. The first two are Araki’s work, and the rest are the likes of Versace, Christian Lacroix, David Bowie, and fashion images I’ve scanned from magazines or saved from here on tumblr.

A few photos of my set design model for Hamlet, in its four main looks. The first for the ghost, the second for the majority of interior ‘court’ scenes, the third for Gertrude’s room, and the fourth for the churchyard.
It’s not really set in any particular location because I wasn’t interested in trying to draw parallels to historical events or figures. I was more interested in setting the play within a genre, and focused on creating an atmosphere which is conducive to storytelling in the tradition of early 19th century gothic horror literature.